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Dealing with Passwords

Everyone who uses the Internet eventually has to deal with passwords. It is simply unavoidable. If you know your passwords then you are already at a disadvantage. The fact is, if you do know your password you are using a weak password.

They say never use "BeefStew" as your password because it is not Stroganoff, but all kididng assigned, passwords you can remember or recognize, are weak passwords. Passwords should be pretty ugly and random, but then if they are how do you remember them? You need a tool to remember it for you.

Not only is it much easier to automate your passwords headaches, but it is safer and more secure to use a password manager than to not. Face it, you don't know how much work a webmaster is putting into protecting your passwords. If you are using the same password for Amazon, American Express and that new sketchy news site you are visiting, then you are  putting your financial accounts at risk.

Verdict: Deal with it

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