Since 1993

My name is Eric Andresen and this site is my corner of the Internet. I have had a website since 1998. My interests are eclectic; Technology, Cyber-Security, Law, Genealogy, Health, Food, and Woodworking. Expect to see them all here.

“Deal With It” is an expression often used in response to someone’s disapproval. It is also associated with images and animated GIFs in which the subject wears a pair of sunglasses. Why did I pick this phrase for my website?

My philosophy is that you can deal with it, or not. Really it is often that simple, not always so I will present other content categories as well.

This is a non-commercial website and exists only to scratch my own itch. The site provide me a sandbox on the Internet to play in. I welcome you to visit and even comment on content when appropriate and only ask you remain respectful and consider we may not always agree. In the sandbox we all need to play fair.

Welcome to my website.