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Inspiration Needed

I am really working hard on some work/life balance. It is hard to work full time, work on my education attending online classes, try and be a good family member and also try and spend some time each year to help kids develop, spread some maker joy and help put on a conference. Spotting activities online that we can use at future events would go a long way to help me out.

I know when I am looking for inspiration for a meal sometime I find myself looking for cooking shows or reading a cookbook. I honestly don’t have time for even that level of work right now, but I would like to put together a list of activities that could be used as part of a tech conference to help inspire kids ages 7 to 17 ( give or take) to learn more about science, technology, engineering, math, art or other activities that are just plain for for a room of kids to do.

Learning about Locks at CornCON 2015

Every time I start down the path to look for these activities I find something that gets in the way.

Eventually I want to build a deck of index cards of ideas that have info about the activity name, cost, number of volunteers needed and maybe even a bill of materials needed. Something like a kids maker event deal-a-meal set.

The projects need to be cookie cutter, completed in an hour, fun for kids to do, educational and they cant cost and arm and a leg – but they can have some cost, we have sponsors and these events are not free, people pay to attend them to help defray our costs.

CornCON Creativity and kids being makers

I am currently in a Spring semester studying Business Law and Network Security, but if you have a few minutes while you are clicking through your favorite social media site, take a moment and look for some ideas. If you find them please tag me in them. I will need a pile of these ideas to sort through.

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